How To Love The Broken Girl

It’s difficult to love someone who has been broken by life. Someone who has never known love. Someone who has spent her whole life believing that she is a second choice. Someone who has had everything they could ever know about love ripped to shreds in front of her. Someone who has had the people that were supposed to be her role model in love shatter her every belief about it.
She’s sworn that her past would never affect her future but the thing is, as much as she will try to deny it and brush it off, she can never run away from the scars that other people left tattooed on her heart.

It’s difficult because you need to work to convince her that she is worth enough that someone would actually stay. You need to make sure that she knows that you aren’t going to jump off the wagon the second something goes wrong.

Because you see, all she has ever known if that when voices are raised, people leave. People start to hate. Everything goes wrong. You need to let her get upset and when it’s over, you need to make damn well sure that she knows that you are still right there on the wagon with her. It’s not her fault that she has grown up with people who fought wrongly. Who constantly remained in a toxic places.

When you love someone who is broken, you have to know that she will do one of two things. She will either immediately retreat the second a red flag presents itself or she will allow herself to brush it off. She will excuse your behaviour or worse, she will blame herself. So you can’t take advantage of her. Not ever.

When you love someone who is broken, you need to know that she will overthink your every move much more then any girl normally would. She will look for red flags and actually find them even when there are none to be found. You need to be prepared to work extra hard to convince her that she was right to let you in and that you will not shatter her.

Because you see, someone who is broken will constantly walk on eggshells. They will constantly second guess their decisions. They will constantly want to throw in the towel and cower under a blanket. They will go through rocky tides of being extremely happy and extremely upset with the relationship.

But when you love someone who is broken in the right way that you should, you have to know that she will love you back with every atom in her being. You have to know that she will fiercely and proudly call you hers. She will place you on a pedestal and she will love you.

So if you plan to love this broken girl, make sure you do it right and make sure that you have no plans to leave her. Because once she’s in, she’s in it for the long run and you better be ready to run alongside her.


If This Is What Love Is


If this is what love is, I both want no part in it but I also want it all.
I don’t know how to tell you how afraid I am of letting you in.
I don’t know how to tell you that I’m already in too deep.

I don’t know how to tell you that I’m scared
and I know you’re scared too but I need you to not be scared.
For my sake I need you to be less scared then I am.

I keep expecting you to leave.
I keep telling myself that if I drop the conversation, you’ll never text me again.
I keep thinking that you probably actually don’t really like me that much.

I keep thinking and thinking
and it’s really not getting me very far.
All that happens is that I just get more and more scared.

Everyone has told me to protect my heart.
But I don’t know how to do that.
I fell fast and hard and now I don’t really know what to do.

I don’t know what I’m doing.
I don’t know what I’m writing.
All I know is that I like you and I hope you like me too.