Rating System


This book really had next to no redeeming qualities. I just gave it a rating because I read it and when you read something, you usually have to give it a rating.


I really disliked this book and while I did find a couple of things that kept me reading, I spent the entire time regretting my decision to pick up this book. Also I probably found a lot of the values promoted in the book to be weird.


The book was enough to keep me interested but I was probably shaking my head at certain parts because they didn’t sit well for me. I probably won’t be recommending this book much to people and it is probably quite forgettable. That said though, it was that bad.


There were one of two minor issues with the book but I actually really enjoyed it and will probably still recommend it to loads of people.


This book was absolutely excellent. The writing was wonderful, the characters were believable and everything just fell into place so perfectly. Usually my 5 star reads will go into my favourites shelf or my read before you die shelf. Also I will probably be bringing this book up many many many times for ages because I just loved it so much.


I usually make it a rule that I’m only allowed to DNF a book after reading a minimum of 20% of the book. So if I DNF a book, it’s probably because of two reasons.

One, the book has aspects that I am uncomfortable with such as excessively explicit scenes, too much talk about bodily functions (trust me, I’m human. I know what we have to do. I just don’t want to have to read about it) and values that are extremely far from my own. It’s not that I don’t accept other views. I’m just talking about views that are really extremely far from mine such as normalising rape and bullying, fat shaming, and believing that women are inferior.

Number two, if the book has characters that are very whiny or extremely unrealistic. That is a major turn off.