Book Services

Please read the important notes at the bottom of the page before contacting me.



As a book blogger, I regularly review books of all genres (except horror and erotica). I will usually post reviews to this blog, Amazon and Goodreads.  My audience is made  up of mainly young adult readers who enjoy fantasy and contemporary. If you want me to review your book please contact me with an excerpt of the book and any relevant links.

Please note however that since I am still in school, my schedule can get rather hectic and therefore I cannot get to every book that is pitched to me. I reserve the right to decline a book if it does not interest me or fit into my schedule


If you would prefer to have your book read and reviewed immediately, I offer the option to expedite reviews. If you choose to do this, I will read and review your book within a week. I will also regularly make updates on Goodreads as well as Twitter to increase traction and awareness of your book during the week. I charge US$40 per book.

My Blog’s Statistics
(based on 2016):

Monthly views: 1,956
Yearly Views: 12,601

Please contact me if this is something you might be interested in.

However, again, I am in school and so requests depend on my schedule and will be done on a first come first serve basis. I will try my best to accommodate all requests.

*If your book is longer then 400 pages, please be aware that I will charge an extra.*

*A paid review does not guarantee a positive one. I will always review honestly*


If you would like me to do a cover reveal, giveaway or author interview, please contact me with the relevant information and materials.


  • I do not review erotica or horror.
  • Please pitch me your book before sending it to me.
  • Please spell my name right when you email me. It’s a basic form of respect that I really value.
  • I will include a disclaimer in every review if the book was given to me to review.
  • I always review honestly. If you give me a book or pay me to review your book, I cannot promise a good review. I will review it based on how much I personally liked it.
  • I post my reviews to this blog, Goodreads and Amazon.
  • Payments will be made through Paypal and will be settled before I start reading your book.
  • If your book is over 300 pages, I will take 10 days instead of 7 to put up your review.
  • If I decide that I want to stop reading your book halfway or DNF it (due to bad writing style, extremely boring content or overly explicit writing) I will email you first and we will discuss how to proceed.
  • If I DNF your book, I do charge a $10 deposit fee for what I have read.