Review: Freedom Japanese Pack

Hey guys, welcome to 2018! I hope you guys had a great festive period and that the start of your 2018 has been wonderful, productive and full of all the good things life has to offer.

Today I’m going to unboxing and reviewing a Japanese subscription box. This review is long overdue, as the box in question was the December box. But the festive period is always a mental time in my household and then there was the start of school which was crazy. Basically I haven’t had the time to sit down and actually write.

So let’s get into it.

Freedom Japanese Market very kindly reached out to me and asked if they could send me one of their Japanese snack subscription boxes. Being a huge fan of subscription boxes, I immediately said yes.

So this is Freedom Japanese Market’s December snack box. What they do is that they jam pack a box full of an assortment of snacks and candy from Japan and ship it around the world for people to enjoy a taste of authentic Japanese snacks.

The best part? Free. Worldwide. Shipping. Yes. You heard that right. Free shipping. Everywhere.

Each box also comes with a content list that explains what each snack is as well as provides little anecdotes about Japan during each season. So you never have to worry about having no idea what you’re eating.

I however, somehow managed to lose this piece of paper so I only have some of the names. I’ll try to describe them as best as I can though.

Now that you know that, let’s get unboxing!

1. An Origami Bunny

Each Freedom Japanese Market box comes with an origami animal. I believe it differs each month or perhaps with each box. Regardless, I got a cute little rabbit. I really loved this touch because it felt so personal.

If I’m not wrong, Freedom Japanese Market is run entirely by a family and this origami animal really just makes you feel cosy and like there’s a real human behind the boxes. I mean, in this world of massive businesses and factories, supporting family-run business who do things by hand is so important.

2. Mugi Chocolate

I’m not entirely sure if the name is correct for this one. I’m going with what was on the packet.

So this is tiny packet of chocolates. They tasted and looked a little bit like coffee beans which was very interesting. I’ve definitely never tasted chocolate like this before.

What I don’t like though is the aftertaste. It left a rather bitter aftertaste which was quite gross.

3. Bubblish Ramune Candy

This was quite a basic but fun one. It’s basically bubblegum flavoured pop candy. So they come in little tablets and you pop them in your mouth and they start to fizzle.

It was quite enjoyable if I’m being honest.

4. Christmas Umaibo

I was very excited to try these Umaibos because I think they were the biggest mystery in the entire box. I had no idea what to expect with this.

So if I’m not wrong, there was one that was Christmas themed and another that was the original flavour.

So basically these are chocolate sticks with a wafer of sorts inside them.

They honestly tasted heavenly and it was by far my favourite in the entire box. I only wish there were more of these because I was obsessed.

5. Sanrio Gum

I was very surprised that this made it into Singapore honestly. So these are chewing gum pieces. Pretty basic. Nothing noteworthy except the cute packaging.

However, gum is banned in Singapore. You can’t buy it here and if I’m not wrong, it’s illegal to bring it in. So I was very surprised that they made it because I thought they checked envelopes and parcels before they got in.

Regardless, I was excited to see them and to enjoy them.

6. Candy Balls

This is another name I’ve not been able to get so I improvised. Basically they are choking hazards in a container. Even me, as a 21 year old, saw these candy balls and immediately worried about the choking hazard. What more a young child. I was very surprised that they were being sold as candy.

However that aside, it was a nice treat. Small, so the sweet taste is more intense. I would have really liked it to be honest but I have a fear of choking (brought on by almost choking on vitamins when I was 10) so this was not very pleasant.

Also, I’m not sure but I think the top doubles up as a whistle. Again, I’m not entirely sure so I could be looking really dumb right now but I thought it was a whistle and I thought it was fun to play with.

7. Curry Arare

If I could have these as a replacement to normal chips, I totally world.

These are fun shaped, colourful chips that taste like Japanese curry. They are literally bursting with flavour and each chip is equally spicy, flavourful and just delicious. I am obsessed and I need more immediately.

8. Candy Floss

This was probably the most strange thing in the entire box. It was basically a rock hard square of white that was supposed to be candy floss.

When you put it in your mouth, it melts down incredibly fast and gives you the feeling of just having eaten candy floss.

Now I’m not a huge fan of candy floss. It’s fun to look at but way too sweet and sticky. This was convenient in that it was not sticky and hard to manage but it was sickly sweet. It basically felt like putting a spoon of processed and plasticity sugar into your mouth.

As someone who hates things that are overly sweet, I really didn’t like it very much.

9. Spicy, Green Chips


And I really loved the packaging. Like I loved how I could just pull out the little plastic container thingy and get my chips. Loved it!

Though we can get this product in Singapore. I’ve seen it in some Japanese stores here as well as Cold Storage.

Shittori Ichigo

I don’t actually like strawberry flavoured things (though I do love strawberries) so this product was a bit of a miss for me.

So this is basically a cookie that to me, tasted a bit like a strong strawberry cheesecake. It was slightly soft. It was edible but I personally didn’t like it too much.


I love popcorn and this was actually my first time eating it out of a bag like this.  It was very delicious.

So basically, it’s tomato flavoured and it tasted amazing. Each piece was just filled with flavour. I was so surprised actually at how flavourful it was.


I’m very sad about this one because it was my favourite product in the whole box and I was the most excited about it. I did take some cute pictures but I can’t find them for some reason. I have no idea what happened.

But this was basically a very long, twisty marshmallow. Nothing notable or uniquely Japanese but just your classic marshmallow.

I loved it even though it was super sugary.

So there you have it. Freedom Japanese Market’s subscription box. I honestly love this product so much. It’s such a fun idea to have mystery food delivered to you and it’s great if you want to try some new snacks out.

Probably the only issue that I had with it was that everything was very sweet. So you really can’t get this if you’re trying to even be the slightest bit healthy.

Also, if you’re in Singapore, you can get a lot of these products here so the novelty is somewhat lost there. I’d personally have loved so see a box with truly authentic Japanese snacks that are maybe not so easily found. However I get that this can be difficult especially considering that they ship international.

Regardless, it was an overall great product that I would totally repurchase. I just love subscription boxes so I’d really love anything you put in one.