21 Things I’ve Learnt At 21

Hey guys! It’s my birthday! I’m officially 21! I feel old. And very adult-like. I don’t know. It’s weird.

Anyway, I know I haven’t really been very regular with blogging anymore. Life and school has become very overwhelming. However, I really wanted to sit down and write a post that I’ve been writing for the last three years on my birthday (this year will be my fourth birthday on the blog!). I wanted to give you guys 21 things I’ve learnt at 21.

  1. Some fights are not worth dragging out. Don’t hold on to your anger.
  2. Let the little things go. Pick your battles.
  3. Blessings come in many shapes, forms and sizes. Pay attention.
  4. Make rash decisions. You don’t always need a pro con list.
  5. Sometimes your dreams come true unexpectedly and sometimes they are not what you expected them to be. That’s okay. Move on. Find new dreams. Make new goals.
  6. Decluttering does absolute wonders for your mental health.
  7. Relationships are hard work and they require a lot of give and take.
  8. Your ego really means nothing. You lose nothing by laying your ego down. In fact, you simply gain respect.
  9. In a relationship, there are two people and the feelings and thoughts of both people are equally valid and important.
  10. Never go to bed angry. Just don’t do it. Talk it out always.
  11. There is greater value in reading for quality rather than quantity
  12. Taking a step back from your school work to give yourself a mental break does not mean that you will fail.
  13. Money can be earned back but certain milestones and experiences only come once. Don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself.
  14. Be on time for things. Don’t be super early for everything. Use the extra time for other things. Life is not all about sitting around waiting for other people.
  15. If you procrastinate, you waste time that you could’ve spent on something more important.
  16. Choose your family over your career. Always. Being number one in your job isn’t as important as meaningful connections with the people who matter the most.
  17. Pick a job which doesn’t require constant overtime or weekends away. And if you can’t avoid it, then make sure that company compensates you with time off or overtime pay. Time off is very important because time off is time for yourself and your loved ones.
  18. Don’t sweep issues under the rug. Take them out and talk about it and work it out.
  19. Doubt will kill even the best of things.
  20. Trust your heart. It often knows what it’s doing.
  21. Go out. Explore the world. Don’t stay cooped up in a comfortable bubble. Experience life.

So there you have it. 21 things I’ve learnt in the last year. I’m so excited for the rest of the day. I will be having a brunch party  today and in the evening, I have a dinner party. I can’t wait to see what 21 will bring.

Lots of love and merry Christmas!


Singapore’s Largest Book Event: BookFest@Singapore 2017 + Tips to Survive a BookFest

Hey guys! If you live in Singapore, take note.

Popular’s BookFest@Singapore 2017 has returned to Suntec Convention Centre from 15 – 24 December 2017!

Sprawling a massive conventional hall, readers can expect a whole host of events, products and bargains. From IT gadgets to books and stuffed whales (I found one and carried it with me during the entire 2.5 hours I spent there. I also named him Billy), this fair, truly has everything.  Whether you are a book lover, tech junkie, music fanatic, bargain hunter or otherwise, this 10-day event will be a one-stop extravaganza.

Trust me, when I was there yesterday, I was blown away by the variety. There was every single book you could ever want. Any candy, assessment book and gadget. There was even a pop-up cafe!

The biggest highlight for literary fans every year is naturally the renowned POPULAR
Readers’ Choice Awards 2017. This will be returning to BookFest for its 6th edition this year.

With a reader- voting system, it is the voice of the public and a huge reflection of the books that made their mark.

30 local works will be vying for the top 3 places in each of the three categories – English (Adult), English (Children), and Chinese.

Additionally, the “Citibank Book Cover Award” will also be presented to the publisher
with the best cover design, based on the use of graphics, creativity and visual impact.

While you’re there, don’t miss the first-ever Gadgets & IT Show housed in BookFest,
where you can get a sneak peek of the hottest and latest technology. From portable chargers to robot vacuums, there’s really something for everyone. Even me, who doesn’t really bother with gadgets of that calibre, found stuff that proved interesting.

And of course, the most important part of BookFest, the crazy deals! The Crazy Auction will be held on 4 different days at BookFest. With Gadgets & IT products with a starting bid as low as $1, gear yourself up to snag some delightful deals.

There are also books going for 3 for $12 or 3 books for the price of 2. For all you hardcore readers out there, nows the time to spend and not feel guilty! Yay!

So if you live in Singapore and have the time, I totally recommend going down.

Also, considering that I went yesterday, I thought I’d give you guys some tips on how to have the best BookFest@Singapore 2017 experience.

1. Go early and avoid peak periods

My best advice is to go early. As in, the second it opens early. When we were there, the crowds were already massive and there were queues to enter the venue. Mind you, it was a Friday morning at about 10am. So you can only imagine what the weekends would be like. So avoid the weekends or peak periods and always go early so you don’t have to waste time waiting in a queue

2. Go alone

Okay this sounds mean but it’s really not. I always feel that book sales or even just book browsing requires one to be alone with themselves and perhaps some music. So either go alone so that you can enjoy every section at your own pace and comfort, or bring someone who is equally passionate about giving all the books their undivided attention and who will be okay with letting you do your thing while they do theirs.

3. Make use of the trollies and baskets provided

Popular has very kindly provided loads of baskets on wheels and trollies to carry your books and gadgets and stationary in. Make use of them. Your stuff will be heavy.

4. Wear comfortable clothes

I cannot emphasis this enough. Wear good walking shoes and comfortable clothes because you will be walking and standing a lot. Additionally, try to eat before you come or have a bite at the pop-up cafe. This is so that your book experience isn’t interrupted by anything at all.

So there you have it. This year’s bookfest. I’m so excited about the selection and I can’t wait to hopefully go back for more.