Review: These Foolish Things by Yeo Wen Wei


A wife returns home as a stowaway spirit in an umbrella to find that her husband has remarried…


Published: 2015

Okay this is my first time reviewing a local book as well as a chapbook so bear with me as I try to not give away any spoilers.

This chapbook follows a woman who has died as she travels as a ghost back home and to her husband.

It was a very quick read (obviously) but it was so powerful and amazing. I really loved the poetic language that was used.

In particular, I loved the plot twists. It’s like you believe you are going in one, very predicable direction. But somehow, even in a story that is only a handful of pages long, there still manages to be a handful of plot twists.

I also liked how much of Singapore was injected into the story without it being overbearing. There were just subtle things that were very uniquely Singaporean that really made the story special.

Chapbooks like these are normally given away for very cheap or sometimes even free at book sales so if you do see one this #BuySingLit weekend, make sure you grab it.

This is just one of a larger collection of stories. The full novel is entitled These Foolish Things & Other Stories.

Before I go though, I just want to remind you guys that #BuySingLit kicks off tomorrow so don’t forget to check out all the cool events. In fact, there’s going to be a poetry reading on one of the trains in our country tomorrow and I’m most likely going with a friend and I can’t wait.

I hope to see some of you there!

*A copy of this book was given to me to read by the NBDC. However, all opinions are my own*




3 thoughts on “Review: These Foolish Things by Yeo Wen Wei

  1. ki says:

    i squealed the moment i saw a singlit book in the book reviews tag. it brings me unparalleled joy when people read local lit, let alone review it, so reading this post has really made my day!! thank you for mentioning #buysinglit as well, hope to see you at #buysinglit festival @ gillman barracks this weekend if you’re coming!! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

      • ki says:

        Please do! Will look forward to more reviews!! Am one of the in-charge for the festival so yes see you there definitely please bring many friends if you can haha 😀


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