Unboxing: Carpe Librum’s May Book Box

Hey guys! Guess what arrived on Saturday! Carpe Librum‘s May book box!!

So if you didn’t know, Carpe Librum is a local book subscription box that comes once every two months. It costs $35 (including local shipping) and it comes with a book and a bunch of other bookish items.

This month, Carpe Librum’s theme is Books & Tea and today, I’m going to be unboxing and reviewing the box for you.

Keep Me Posted by Lisa Beasley (Signed and Personalised)

Sisters Cassie and Sid Sunday have not done a bang-up job of keeping in touch. In their defense, it hasn’t been easy: life veered in sharply different directions for the once-close sisters. Today, beautiful and big-hearted Sid lives an expat’s life of leisure in far-off Singapore, while harried, iPhone-clutching Cassie can’t seem to make it work as a wife and a mom to twin toddlers in Manhattan.

It doesn’t help that Sid spurns all social media while Cassie is addicted to Facebook. So when Sid issues a challenge to reconnect the old-fashioned way—through real, handwritten letters—Cassie figures, why not?

The experiment exceeds both of their expectations, and the letters become a kind of mutual confessional that have real and soul-satisfying effects. And they just might have the power to help Cassie save her marriage, and give Sid the strength to get her life back on track.

But first, one of Cassie’s infamous lapses in judgment comes back to bite her, and all of the letters wind up the one place you’d never, ever want to see them: the Internet…


This was the book that was featured in this month’s book. I’ve never heard of it before but apparently it’s partially based in Singapore so that’s really cool. I can’t wait to read it!

Also, I opened the book and found a little surprise. Carpe Librum had actually got the author to not only sign but also personalise each book! I mean seriously! How amazing are they?

A Mug

This was my absolute favourite item in the box. It was a cute little bookish mug that said, ‘Drink good tea. Read good books’. How adorable! I loved it and fun fact, I actually have been looking for a nice bookish mug so this came at the perfect time.


Of course the Books & Tea box would not be complete without some lovely tea. This is from Literary Tea Co. and it’s a relaxing black tea with loads of little fruits and stuff. I brewed some yesterday and it was heavenly!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

You can’t have tea without some good old chocolate chip cookies can you? These little yummies come from De Cookies Lab and they are incredible! My aunt who is an awesome baker actually made some chocolate chip cookies last Christmas and these cookies taste so similar to them it’s unreal.


I don’t wear socks very often because of the horribly hot weather here but these socks from Sock Avenue are incredible. They are really soft and long so they are perfect for Bookstagram (look at me getting that promo in there). So I’m really happy with these funky socks.

So there you have it! Everything that was in Carpe Librum’s May book box. I’m so excited to curl up in my socks with my tea and cookies and A Court Of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas because that’s what I’m currently reading and it’s amazing.

Thank you once again to the Carpe Librum team for putting together this wonderful book subscription service. If you have yet to try it, follow them on Instagram and keep an eye out because I’m sure they will be announcing their next box really soon!



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