Spotlight + Giveaway: Static by Eric Laster

Welcome to Day #4 of the #STATIC Blog Tour!

To celebrate the release of #STATIC by Eric Laster (4/19/16), blogs across the web are featuring exclusive content from Eric and 10 chances to win a copy of #STATIC, as well as a chance to win a 6-in-1 Bluetooth Entertainment Center in the Grand Prize Giveaway!

with Eric Laster

How long did it take you to write #Static

This question is harder to answer than it should be. Generally, I work on several projects at once, and I often set a piece down for weeks or months at a time to gain emotional distance and be more ruthless when revising/continuing it. Partial drafts of #Static were lying around for years, but I’d guess that I spent somewhere between fifteen and twenty-four months writing it.

Did you have different ideas to start the book and then the book went somewhere else?

To be honest, I didn’t have any ideas when I started the book. I never outline. Writing, for me, is exploration, discovering where the characters of a would-be book or story want to go. The process is kind of similar to threading through a maze backwards; the further into a story I get, the choices for an ending become fewer and fewer until there is seemingly only one possible choice, much as there’s (often) only one way through a maze. Why this is so: the choices I, as author, make in the beginning and middle parts of a story determine what choices are available to me by that story’s end.

Is there something specific that you do while you are writing a book?

Do I have a routine? Sort of. I don’t generally give myself a word quota per day (as in, I have to write X words a day), though I might institute such quotas for a week or two. I write with a pencil, on unlined white paper, outside. Something about natural light and graphite coursing over the page provoke my imagination. One of the books I ghostwrote was composed entirely at the Forest Lawn cemetery in Glendale, CA.


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When Curtis Brooks starts receiving phone calls from his older brother Wilt, who’s been dead a week, he’s sure it’s to help him find evidence that will lead to a murderer’s arrest. But Wilt claims he wasn’t murdered; his calling, meant to help him adjust, is standard protocol for newly deceased at the Aftermart—a kind of inescapable, ever-expanding Walmart filled with discontinued products.

Wilt’s death ruled a homicide, Curtis embarks on a dangerous plan to find the killer, which soon has him scheming against a billionaire and floundering toward love with his brother’s ex-girlfriend Suzy, all while struggling through high school and his single mom’s poor choices.

Why does Wilt help Curtis win over Suzy, even as he organizes a rebellion at the Aftermart? Who’d wanted him dead? Curtis risks his life to answer these questions, in the process forging a bond with his brother unlike any they’ve ever had.

A New Yorker by birth, Eric Laster lives in Los Angeles. After a successful stint as a best-selling ghostwriter, Eric re-launched under his own name with the middle-grade novel Welfy Q. Deederhoth: Meat Purveyor, World Savior.  Whenever he’s not scribing, he records punk rock and presses it to vinyl.




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