Review: Sixty-Seven Salamanders by Jeff Joseph


Adin Anderson lives in a small town where the stagnant flow of time is considered peace and quiet, but that isn’t good enough for him. He may not be a big believer in fate, but something bigger has to be out there for him. And the day he receives a random letter from an unlikely source may be it.


Let me just start by saying that this book is completely out of my genre and I would never in a million years have picked this up myself.


The plot of the book was good. I mean there was structure and the story line was a solid and believable one. I did feel like the book was pulling a lot from Divergent at times though and many times the pace just went a bit mental. Like sometimes it would be super fast and the next it would be really slow.

The book also seemed to be proportioned a little strangely. So let’s kick it back to primary school english classes. When writing a story, we are taught to have a beginning, a climax and a conclusion right? Okay. Well as we grew older, we realised that these sections are never distributed evenly and that some parts, like the climax, need to be longer and some parts, like the conclusion, could be shortened.

I felt like with this book, the introduction just stretched on for ages and the climax and the conclusion were just crammed into the last 10% of the book. And I’m not exaggerating. At the 90% mark of the book, they had just started the main mission in the book. 90%!



I need to say that I thought all the characters were very one-dimensional and that the female characters especially, were all literally replicas of each other. Not to mention that they somehow all had the exact same supermodel features for some reason. Like what? Excuse me? Also why did it seem like every girl had a crush on the main character Aiden??


I liked Aiden. He seemed like a pretty decent guy. He may overuse the word ‘yelled’ but he was an alright dude. It’s not his fault that every girl that crossed his path seemed to fall in love with him. It’s really not.


Noir was my favourite character. I liked how distant she was but how vulnerable she was behind her wall. In a way she reminded me a lot of myself because I know I do have pretty high walls and sometimes I can take ages to lower them to connect with people. Unfortunately, like Noir, a lot of people don’t know how to stick around and break down the walls. Oh well.


I honestly didn’t see the point of Cadence. All she did was be weird around Aiden and just get in the way. I’m sorry but I really didn’t like her

I think most of the characters had a lot of potential but they were very underdeveloped and a lot of the relationships didn’t have any closure in a way. Like three girls had a crush on Aiden and that was evident. Putting aside the juvenile way of thinking that every girl will fall head over heels in love with every guy that smiles at her, I found it weird that the relationships never came full circle.

Like we never heard how the relationships ended. Did he let them down? Which girl did he choose in the end? Why was the jealousy between two of the girls never addressed? What in the world happened???



I didn’t hate this book. Yes there were stuff that really bothered me and there were loads of unanswered questions. But it had a lot of potential and I think it was just me who was not able to appreciate that.

I know it’s not politically right to say this but when have I ever been politically correct eh? Anyway, I think it is a very boy book. Like I feel like guys would really like it because of the fighting and the perspectives and stuff.

I mean the story had a lot of potential and that’s why I can’t bring myself to completely diss it. So yeah. Give this book a go if you like fighting and action but don’t expect much from it in terms of content and depth.

*A copy of this book was given to me to read and review by the author however all opinions are my own*




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