What’s Up Wednesday?

Hey guys! Here’s a little mid-week post for you even though I know I don’t usually post on Wednesdays. I just had some real life stuff that I wanted to just write about and get off my chest. Also you guys seem to really like it when I talk about myself which is weird because I’m honestly not that interesting. So let’s get to it.



For some reason, I’ve been having nightmares every single night this week and last week. I have no idea why. I haven’t been watching or reading anything particularly disturbing and I’ve been going to bed at a really good time. Yet somehow, at 4am, I’ll always find myself tossing so much that I wake myself up.

You know how sometimes when you are in a dream, you kind of know that you are in a dream but you mostly think that this is real life and you are kind of straddling both realities? Yeah. That’s been every night except worse because I’m either being chased, I’m running away from something, there’s fire, there’s spiders, there are dark shadows lurking and there are unfinished houses in the pitch black night.

It’s been quite a week and because of that, I’ve just been so incredibly exhausted. Even though I’m getting 8 hours, I still wake up feeling like I’ve been hit by a bus. Honestly it’s not been great. If any of you can explain what is happening to me, please do.

The High Strung Preview


On Monday, I got the opportunity to attend the preview  of High Strung which is a new movie that comes out on the 14th of April. It’s very much like Step Up if I’m being honest and it’s very predictable and insta-lovey but it’s good. The music and dancing is spectacular so you should check it out.

Anyway, at the preview, something happened that completely ruined my evening. I tried to say hi to a schoolmate and she completely treated me like a parasite. It was a very rude shock and after that I just couldn’t really relax. I just felt so horrible. I don’t know what prompted her to act like that but it ruined my evening and that’s that.  I’m trying to forget that it happened but it’s so hard. It feels like the whole incident has just been burned into my brain. This is why I don’t want to go back to school after my internship. No one seems to understand how toxic the environment is to me.

My Internship


My internship is continuing to be amazing. I’m having so much fun and going to work just makes me so happy. If I’m being completely honest, being at work is better then being at home right now. I’m not going to paint you a beautiful picture of my life. Home life is rocky right now and I have a lot of anger building up. I don’t know. Being at work means that I have an excuse to ignore a lot of what is happening and I guess that makes me feel better in a way.

As I mentioned in my internship update, we use Windows computers at work. That means that I have quite few distractions. And without distractions, I learnt that I can really write fast. I’ve managed to submit my articles weeks in advance simply because I don’t have much distractions and because of that, I think my editors are quite pleased which is all I want.

I’m also really enjoying the people I’m working with. They make work fun. If you want to check out some of what I have been writing, you can do that on Youth.SG.

Blog Life


I wasn’t sure if I should mention this or not but I thought that this whole post was rather depressing so I really should mention that my life isn’t completely bad and a few things have happened that have really made me feel like flying. So I’m not bragging but I wanted to say that I have been getting so many emails from the book world recently and it’s just made me feel like what I’m doing is more then just a hobby and it’s made me so incredibly happy.

Most notably, on Monday, #TheLibraryProject was launched. I’m so proud to have been the one who got together the team of bloggers that made this possible. It’s one of the greatest things that I think I’ve been able to do in nearly 2 years of blogging and I couldn’t be more happy.

Pop Funko Addition

On Sunday, I finally got Sadness. I’ve been looking for the Sadness Pop Funko for ages and because she’s apparently limited edition, she was a tough one to get but thankfully I found it in SimplyToys and now the little cutie resides on my shelf.

I might be doing a Pop Funko collection post in the near future because each of my Funkos were got very specially and only because they each had a story behind them so I won’t elaborate on Sadness right now.

So there you go. A little mid-week update on my life. I’m sorry that it’s mostly depressing stuff but I’ve lately felt very stuck in the middle. Like part of me is sad about life and the other part is ridiculously happy. So I really don’t know. I need to get over this and stop being an idiot.




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