3 Questions You Never Ask A Bookworm

If you are a book worm, which you likely are if you are reading this, you would most likely know the pain of living amongst humans that do not read. And sometimes, these strange humans tend to ask the stupidest things. So today I thought I would give you guys 3 things to never ever ever ever ask to a bookworm. Ever.

1. “Why don’t you just watch the movie instead?”

Why? Why?! Why don’t you just go at look at pictures of food all day instead of cooking it and feeding yourself you dimwit!

A lot of people think that it saves time to just go and watch the movie instead of reading the book but the thing is, you miss out on tons of things when you watch the movie instead of reading the book first.

First of all, everyone knows that when you read, you are developing and exercising your brain because you are forcing yourself to imagine what the characters and the locations look like. You have the freedom to build this whole world in your head. When you watch a movie, you have to accept someone else’s interpretation of the world. You don’t get to build it and you never will even if you do end up reading the book because you will always have the movie in your head.
ICarly Reading.gif

Secondly, you miss out on critical stuff. It’s no secret that movie adaptations always leave out bits and pieces. I mean let me give you some examples. Do you know how Paper Towns really ended? Because let me assure you that the movie version was far from what it was in the book. Or let’s see, did you watch The Martian? Do you know what the last message Mark sent back when he was told that his messages would be shown to the public was? Because even though they cut off that part in the movie, it was shown in the book and I remember I laughed for ages.



2. “Have you read this popular book that I only know about because the movie’s coming out?”

My dear, dear human. I was probably there when the book was announced. I probably waited desperately for the cover to drop. I was probably the first one in the store to get the book and I probably was on the twitter chat when the author announced the movie adaptation. HOW DARE YOU ASK ME IF I’VE READ THE BOOK???!! OF COURSE I’VE READ THE FREAKING BOOK!!



3. “Why are you reading that?”

When I was 14, I was obsessed with Jodi Picot (still am) and I went through a time when I read every single one of her books back to back. I loved her books because she allowed me to get into the heads of very complex characters and to assume roles that I will never in my life assume. The only thing is that Jodi does not write Young Adult books. She writes adult fiction.

So I was reading The Tenth Circle in school one day and I put it down for a second to do something. Now that day was national day or some event and because of that we had no lessons. Just little class activities and a half day at school. So my teacher comes up to me and he picks up my book and he reads the blurb at the back. Now if you don’t know, The Tenth Circle is about a young girl who was raped and who is saying that her boyfriend was her rapist. It’s an extremely complex novel that has a lot of history and insight into Alaskan people (Trixi’s dad is Alaskan) and about how rape is treated in society. It was a wonderful book and in no way would anyone ever consider it erotica even though it can seem that way if you only read the blurb.

So my teacher put my book down and gave me a weird look. He then proceeded to ask me why I was reading this stuff. I had no answer for him at that point but if I could go back, I would point out how informative this book was. I would tell him that Jodi spends months and months researching for each one of her books and so therefore reading one of her books can sometimes be more beneficial then one whole day in school. I would have defended my reading choices.

Now this can work both ways. Someone can turn their noses up at you for reading middle grade books when you are 19 (I read middle grade all the time) or they could ask you why you’re reading books with subject matter that is older then you. Provided that you aren’t reading actual erotica if you’re too young for it, remember that no one has the right to question what you read especially because these people most likely do not read themselves.

No reader will ever question another’s reading choices because we all know that children’s books are getting deeper and more hard hitting. We know that young adult books are a form of escape. We know that it doesn’t matter what genre you read or how old you are. What matters is that you have a book in your hands and that you are reading.




7 thoughts on “3 Questions You Never Ask A Bookworm

  1. Geraldine @ Corralling Books says:

    Oh my gosh – I’m so sorry that happened to you (with the last instance). I hate it when someone asks us what we’re reading, and they want us to justify what we’re reading. Honestly, that’s like asking someone to justify what they’re eating or why they play x sport, etc.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hashtaglovebooks says:

    This is the truest thing I have read all day! I hate it when people see the title or the cover of the book I’m reading and they’re like: Why are you reading that? A message to them: No. Just No. ! I loved reading this, it’s such a fun post!

    Liked by 1 person

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