The F.R.I.E.N.D.S Book Tag


Hey guys! So recently, my friend Aria tagged me in the Friends book tag. Now if you don’t know, Netflix finally came to Singapore in January and of course we got it. I mean I need my chill time on Netflix if ya know what I mean. Okay I’ll stop.

Anyway, because of that, I finally decided to start watching Friends. It’s so famous and I needed to know what I was missing. So I’m currently on season 3 and it is literally my favourite thing ever. So I’m really excited to do this tag.

Fun fact: Season 3, Episode 10 (The One Where Rachel Quits) aired on the 12th of December 1996 which was 11 days before I was born. The next episode, episode 11 (The One Where Chandler Can’t Remember Which Sister) aired on the 9th of January 1997 and I was only just over 2 weeks old.

The One Where Eddie Won’t Go-A Character I Wish Would Just Go Away


Ha! You guys are going to hate me for this. I hate Colleen Hoover. Honestly. I’ve read 3 of her books and then the 3 Never Never books and each time she has just screwed up so badly. She just has a knack for pressing all my buttons at once. Anyway, the character I want to go away would be Ben. I thought he was the biggest asshole there ever was. There were at least 3 instances where he ignored Fallon’s very clear ‘no’ and basically raped her. He was a creep. He was so pretentious. He sucked. Of course Fallon was no saint herself. I mean I would not allow anyone to violate me the way she let Ben violate her and then continue to still be in love with them. Like what!


The One Where Ross and Rachel Take A Break-Favourite Break-Up Scene


Okay so I’ve forgotten the name of the guy that Naila is forced to marry (she was drugged and they put a pen in her hand and scrawled her name on a marriage certificate) but my favourite breakup scene would have to be when Saif came to rescue Naila and the ‘husband’ finally let her go. I’ll be honest. I was crying with joy.

*And no, this was not a spoiler. It’s realistic fiction. We all know what happens.*


The One With All The Kissing-A Book With Lots of Kissing


If you’ve read this book, you would know that there is a lot of kissing in this book. Also I love books about islands and this one is literally my favourite one since The Secret Island by Enid Blyton. Plus, T.J. and Anna make the cutest couple EVER.


The Last One-Favourite Series Finale


Kicking it back to 2009 with this one because I’ve read a lot of series books but none of them have stood out or stayed with me as long as my beloved Twilight saga. Don’t judge me. Twilight is as special to me as Phoebe’s smelly cat song.


The One With The Blackout-A scene I’d like to forget


I don’t want to spoil you if you haven’t read this beauty yet but I can’t explain this without giving away spoilers so AVERT YOUR EYES. SKIP TO THE FAULT IN OUR STARS NOW.

When Vianne’s neighbour’s daughter get’s shot. My god the last time I cried that hard was when a certain someone died in Grey’s Anatomy last year. When the girl  got shot…I just died inside. I wish I could un-read it. I really do.


The One Where Chandler Can’t Cry-A Book That Did Not Make You As Emotional As Other Readers


Sorry but I thought this book was overly pretentious and overly dramatic and I just didn’t understand the hype over it. In fact, I plain old didn’t like it. I didn’t cry with the book and I didn’t cry with the movie. Oh well.


The One Where Joey Doesn’t Share Food-A Book You Won’t Ever Lend Out


For secret Santa last year, Mel got me a signed edition of The Rest Of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness. A. Signed. Edition.  I mean that baby is not leaving my house. Ever.


The One With The Thumb-A Recent Read That You Would Give Two Thumbs Up To


For World Book Day, my favourite author, Rainbow Rowell, released a short story about a girl named Elena. Elena is a massive Star Wars fan and she decides to queue up outside the cinema for four days so that she can be one of the first few people to walk into the first showing of the film.

I absolutely loved this book (but lets face it, I would give 5 stars to Rainbow’s to-do lists). In fact, I would give it three thumbs up if I could. It was such an honest portrayal of a girl in a new and scary situation and I just loved it.


The One With The Ick Factor-A Book With A Pet Peeve


This was actually a DNF for me but one of my pet peeves are super annoying, whiny and entitled characters and unfortunately, the main character for Zodiac was just that and more. I couldn’t stand it.


The One With The Lesbian Wedding-Favourite LGBTQ+ Book Couple


Harry and Craig for sure! They are the two boys competing to break the world record for the longest kiss ever and they are the cutest. Oh my god I just realised I should have used this book as my book with a lot of kissing haha! Okay so I know in the book we don’t get much except the two of them kissing but I just felt like it was such a powerful relationship. Like it’s weird but you could just feel the passion and you could just see people changing their hearts and minds around them and it was just beautiful.





7 thoughts on “The F.R.I.E.N.D.S Book Tag

  1. Geraldine @ Corralling Books says:

    I love this tag, and I love your responses!
    I don’t know some of your responses, but I TOTALLY agree about TFiOS being overly pretentious – yeah it made me sad, but it didn’t make me hysterical you know? I actually went to see the movie right…and in the sad parts, I ended up LAUGHING because of how hysterical some people got in the cinemas. Idk, I sound so cruel and harsh now ahahahaha xD

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