Best Young Adult Book Blog Winner 2015


Guess what guys! I won a blogging award!

So last year, UrbanEpics put out this award and invited people to nominate their favourite book bloggers. So the nominations were gathered and the sites were reviewed and for some weird reason, I actually won. I know. I’m still in shock.  This is exactly how the winners were chosen:

Winners were chosen based on site design, authority/traffic, nominations and unique voice/contributions to the genre. These sites are book bloggers or reviewers who mainly deal with YA books, and were updated frequently throughout 2015.


I am so excited mainly because this is my first real award. I mean I’ve gotten tagged for awards before but I have never got an award that was based on nominations and site contributions and things. This is really the first time that people have read my content and liked it so much that they thought it would be cool if I got an award for it.

So thank you so much. Thank you to UrbanEpics and thank you to you my beautiful readers. Blogging to me is still very much a hobby and to see the number of doors this little space has opened for me is just amazing. I am so grateful for this community. I’m grateful for you.

So thank you for this. I mean to see myself standing next to the likes of Paperfury and Epicreads is just mind boggling. Do head on over to UrbanEpics to check out some the other winners. They all have awesome blogs that I’m sure you will love.


I hope that if you are reading this, you are having a good day. Lots of love!



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