Review: Scarred by Joanne Macgregor


“Life leaves you scarred. Love can make you beautiful.”

Seventeen year-old Sloane Munster is trying to reboot her life after a serious car accident left her badly scarred and emotionally traumatized.

Starting her senior year at a new school, she’s delighted to see Luke Naughton, a swimmer whom she once crushed on, in the class in front of her. But when he glares back at her with disgust and revulsion, she’s shocked and hurt, and assumes it’s because of her appearance. Despite misunderstandings, the chemistry between them sparks and love grows against a background of guilt, secrets, and mounting tensions at a school where bullying is rife and Sloane is not the most deeply scarred person.

Sharp with bittersweet humor, Scarred is an intense, beautiful, compelling story of life, death and fighting for love against all the odds.


*This book was given to me to read and review by the author however, all opinions are my own*

This little book popped out of absolutely nowhere and blew me away.

Okay this is one of those reviews where I have no idea where to start so I’m just going to jump in headfirst.


This book told the story of Sloane. Sloane is a teenager who was involved in an accident that left her badly injured and with a scar all the way down her face. So when she finally can go to school again, she decides to go to a new school. There she meets Luke who seems absolutely horrified by her and her face. In fact he is absolutely repulsed by her. So it gets very testy when they are assigned to be partners for a project. Then the story gets interesting but because of spoilers, I’ll leave you with that.

So the book started out slow and I’ll be honest, a little irritating. There was a lot of mystery surrounding the accident. In fact we were not even told that it was an accident or why she was living alone or anything till well into the book. While I appreciate some mystery, I have mentioned in other reviews that I don’t like it when it is dragged out and I did feel patronised to some extent.

In chapter 15, we finally get to hear the story of the accident and we get told about why she lives alone and how she got her scar and why Luke hates her and everything. CHAPTER. 15. 15 chapters before we are clued in. Okay. That’s just great. There was this guy that once said that when writing fiction, you should give your readers all the information they would need early on. Give them so much that they could end the story themselves if they wanted to. But okay.

From that point, the story seemed to pick up its pace and I started to get really into it.

Anyway, I loved it. It had just the right amount of mushy gushy love and angst and drama for me. I really enjoyed it. I thought it had loads of really awesome elements in it and it was executed quite well. The book also touched on many important topics like driving while texting (never never never ever do anything but drive when you are driving please. It’s so not worth it) and bullying. There was so much bullying going on in this book and I think it was so important that it was brought to light.


I also really really enjoyed the characters. Sloane was so funny and sarcastic and smart. That girl knew what was up. She was not stupid. She was not clingy. She stood up for the people that couldn’t stand up for themselves. She wasn’t overly shallow (admittedly we teenagers are all a little shallow aren’t we?) And she was believable. That’s something that was so important. She didn’t go off sprouting Shakespearian quotes or anything dumb like that. She was a good character.

Luke was not as great but he still was very well written. He was good, kind, not obsessed with himself. And he, like Sloane, was very smart. He knew how to listen to advice even if it was from a poster:

“When you forgive, it doesn’t mean you condone or approve. It means that you put down the resentment and bitterness you’ve been holding onto. It means that you let go of the hope that the past can be different.”

He knew what he was doing. I only got annoyed that he was so over-dramatic about everything. Also I just wanted to smack him for that thing with Juliet.

I also actually liked LJ’s character. Even though he was the creepy guy and the so-called villain of the story, he just had such a tragic backstory. And even though I was nothing like him in terms of what he did and how he acted, I felt like in the bullying and academic sense, I could relate a lot to him. I understand not wanting to do school work because you know you will fail no matter what. I know what it’s like to be ridiculed and hated by a teacher day in and day out. I know how difficult it can get when people call you names. So I just really felt for him. Of course that does not excuse what he did. I mean we all choose how our situations will ultimately impact us. We choose if we want to let it break or make us.

“We’re all victims of victims of victims, each of us scarred by life. What makes one person swallow their pain or turn it back on themselves, and another decide to take it out on the world? ”

The reason why the book lost two stars from me was firstly because of the vague first 15 chapters, the fact that the writing felt disjointed at some points and what Sienna said about gender rules.

Now I’m not that sensitive. The fact that Sienna told Sloane that she should not ask Luke out and she should not pay and that it was a travesty if she even tried to make any move whatsoever first did not bother me as much. But it did irk me. I mean its 2016. Even if women don’t end up making the first move, shouldn’t we be encouraging them to have the freedom to do so if they wish? Why place emphasis on these irrelevant gender rules? And I feel very strongly that the guy shouldn’t have to pay all the time. I mean like Sloane mentioned, (thank you for redeeming yourself) the guy is going to go broke very quickly if his girlfriend doesn’t pay for anything. He’s your boyfriend. Not your debit card.


Overall I really enjoyed this book but I think it has the potential to be better. I liked the characters, the plot and the important issues it dealt with. I thought the little bit of psychology that was inserted into the story was very well done and interesting. I simply enjoyed it and while I will recommend it, it isn’t one of those books that I will go on a roof and start screaming about.



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