Christmas Gift Guide For Her


Christmas is a mere 6 sleeps away!! How did that happen guys? I feel like December literally just started! It’s not fair. December is my favorite month and it’s the month that goes by the fastest.

Anyway, since it is almost Christmas, I thought I would do a little gift guide for you all if you haven’t bought some people presents yet and you desperately need some ideas.

I’m going to include in this list, gifts of varying price ranges so that you have some variety. Also remember that this gift guide is as its name states, a guide. So take inspiration from my ideas and alter them to fit the person you are buying for (yes I am talking to you, boys. Don’t be that guy that doesn’t put thought into a present)

  1. Books


Okay you know I had to include books in this list right? But seriously though. Books are the simplest but most amazing presents you can give someone. Especially someone who is a book lover.

BUT BUT BUT don’t just go and buy a book that you know they would generally buy themselves. If I wanted a book in the typical genre that I read in, I would most likely have already bought it. The idea of a present is to buy something that the person wouldn’t generally buy for themselves.

So. As long as your tastes aren’t too outrageously different from your giftee, what you can do is find a beautiful hardcover, perhaps limited edition signed copy of your favorite book and give it as a gift. Trust me. It’s foolproof.

*If you’re getting a book for a friend overseas, Book Depository is a great site that does not charge for shipping. It’s actually what my bookclub did for Christmas this year.

*Signed copies are not usually as expensive as one would think. They are just harder to get which make the gift more special in my opinion.

*Book vouchers are also great but generally not as special because again, it’s a thoughtless gift (sorry but you know it’s true).

2. MAC lipsticks


Not every girl likes makeup (don’t listen to tumblr) but if you know someone who loves their makeup and their brands, you can consider getting them a new lipstick.

I say lipstick because you can have a lot of variety with that and also because most people have their favorite brands already when it comes to makeup  and you coming it with this new foundation that is two shades too dark is not something that will be appreciated.

A general favorite amongst girls are MAC lipsticks. They are beautiful, they are branded and they are just so fun to own.

Many girls, however, wouldn’t even dream of splurging on MAC. So go and get one for her and if you are male (sorry) bring a very good photo of that person to the store so that the ladies there can help you out.

*If MAC is not in your budget, there are a whole lot of other brand’s that will suit your wallet. You can take a look around Sephora or even some drugstores (I found a beautify coral crayon lipstick in Watsons yesterday omg)

3. Notebooks


Notebooks are one of my personal favourites. I think there is something very special about giving someone a cool looking notebook. You can find these notebooks literally anywhere but some cool notebook shops would be Typo and Paper Market. These two places are great for fun and budget friendly notebooks but if you’re going for a more formal feel (why?) you can always look in any regular bookstore or stationary shop.

*To make it extra special, you could include cool markers or stickers

4. Activity Books


Okay this is probably one of the most special things that you can give someone. So last year, for Christmas, Erica from NovelInk got me this book called, ‘Q&A A Day. A 5 Year Journal’.  It’s name basically says it all. You get 365 questions and every year you answer the same ones to see how you’ve changed. I love activity books like this so I was so excited to receive it. So I got it and because it was such great timing, I started using it on the first day of 2015 and I haven’t stopped till now. It’s been amazing to look back even now and I can’t imagine what it will be like in 5 years.

So get your giftee a gift that will last a really long time. You can find loads of books like this in bookstores and it doesn’t just have to be a journal. You can get them a Keri Smith book (Wreck This Journal and The Imaginary World Of___ are the best) or you could get them ‘A Line A Day’ or the Q&A book but perhaps the one for mum’s or kids depending on who you are buying for. Or of course you could get them the popular adult colouring books. I would recommend Johanna Basford’s Enchanted Forest or Lost Ocean.

*Again, you can one up it by including markers. I personally think that Staedtler’s Triplus Fineliner’s are the best for these kinds of books.

5. Body Shop Creams


Body shop has brought back two of its scents from their Christmas collection in 2014! They are Frosted Cranberry and Glazed Apple. They have also introduced a new scent called Frosted Plum. All 3 smell amazing but a good gift for someone is to get them hand creams. I feel like hand cream is something people generally forget about or rank lower in importance. So it’s nice to buy someone a hand cream to throw in their bag.

Body Shop is actually having this thing where they have all 3 Christmas hand cream scents in a box and I think it’s going for about $16-19 which is an awesome deal. So you can get that or the full sized body lotions. If you’re on a lower budget, their christmas shower gels  are going for $8.90 which is perfect.

So there you have it! My mini Christmas gift guide. I hope this helped you if you’re still stumped for a present for someone. It’s the last weekend before Christmas and it’s crazy out there but you got this! Now I’m going to insert a Star Wars phrase even though I couldn’t give two hoots about Star Wars. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!



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