Tragedy Girl By Christine Hurley Deriso



*I received an advanced copy of this book to read and review but all opinions are my own*

Okay ya’ll better sit yourselves down and get some popcorn because today, I’m bringing you the mother of all rants.
First of all, let me say this. Tragedy Girl was the biggest tragedy I’ve come across in a long time. Did you see what I did there? *cue audience laugh track* No? Okay. Let’s move on.

So Tragedy Girl is basically about this girl named Anne. Both her parents have just died and because of that, she’s moved to the beach side to live with her aunt and uncle. While there, she meets this troubled boy named Blake. Blake’s girlfriend, Cara, drowned over the summer and Blake feels responsible because he allowed her to go swimming and then took his eyes off of her (boyfriend or dad?? ). So Anne gets attracted to him and Melanie, Anne’s new friend, falls for Jamie, who is Blake’s best friend.

Only things aren’t as they seem. For example, Blake, is extra super duper shady and Jamie is just plain weird. Oh and have I mentioned that Cara’s body was never found and according to Anne, is very suspicious?

So okay. Despite all of Anne’s inhibitions, she decides to go on a  date with the guy. She’s drawn to his grief because she’s grieving too and basically she wants to be a hero and save him or whatever.

They date for one week and already Anne can sense that something is not so right. Blake is very quick-tempered and she feels like the relationship is going way faster then she is prepared for. At this point, she is being extra whiny already.

She’s just like ‘Oh I like him but I shouldn’t but I like him but his girlfriend just died BUT I LIKE HIM.”


So irritating!

So okay fine. She carries on with the relationship. By week two, things are getting just plain creepy. There are anonymous notes being left in mailboxes, weird outbursts, lying and suspicious conversations.

So what does our dear Anne do? She decides to let Blake take her to the beach (aka the place where Blake’s girlfriend died) all by their selves.

I mean if this was a normal relationship, then okay. I mean it’s fine. But this is a weird and suspicious relationship. Has this idiot really no sense of self-preservation????

Seriously. Guys (and girls too) can be massively crazy. So if you have doubts, stay far away from them.There have been many stories of relationships ending in murder okay. This isn’t a joke.

So yes. I won’t spoil the ending but basically I thought this book sucked because Anne was such a weak-willed character. She had no backbone. Everything to her was ‘oh I need a boyfriend even if he might be a psychotic girlfriend murderer. I mean what’s the worst that could happen?”


Also where were the police in all this? It’s unrealistic that a teenage girl who is new to the neighbourhood can go ahead and solve a death that absolutely nobody but her finds mysterious. Do you get what I mean?

Aside from that though, I did enjoy the storyline. I thought the mystery was well done and I liked how the whole thing ended.

It was just Anne and her whiny self that ruined the book for me.

My Rating: 2/5 Stars

Publishing Date: 8 April 2016


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