What I’m Currently Reading

I’m gonna be frank with you guys. I had no idea what I was going to write about today until literally a few minutes ago. In fact I actually wrote 4 different blog posts only to abandon them because I thought they were rubbish.

I’m not kidding but I think school is giving me writer’s block. I mean I was on fire last week. I had so many ideas and I  was churning out posts nearly every day. But this week, school started and suddenly it’s like what even is blogging.

Anyway, I decided to talk you guys through what I’m currently reading today. I’ve seen a couple of bloggers and booktubers do this and I’ve been quite interested to try it myself. So since I’m currently reading like ten million books at once and I can’t think of a good idea to save my life, I thought it might be a good time to experiment.

1) Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo 


This book is the first in the Grisha trilogy and it has been absolutely raved about. All the people that I trust the most with book recommendations have gone crazy for this series and so I had to jump on the train.

So far I’m about 55% into it and it’s really really so good! The writing style is so fluid, the storyline is fascinating and the Darkling and Alina are so cute they are giving me ALL THE FEELS!! I totally ship them. 

I can’t wait to finish this and get to the second book which is Siege and Storm and is apparently the best in the trilogy.

2) Slasher Girls and Monster Boys by Various Authors


Okay I feel like I’ve talked about why I’m reading this book ten billion times on all my social media platforms but I realised that since I didn’t do a TBR this month, I didn’t get the chance to tell my beloved blog readers.

So I am the worst at anything horror related. Books, movies and even trailers can wreck me (4 years ago, I tried to watch Supernatural and I suffered till the 4th episode then gave up. I still don’t look into mirrors at night because of that Bloody Mary Episode.) So I’ve generally stayed well away from the genre. I’ve never read a single horror book and I’ve only ever watched half a horror film and that’s because I was forced to.

So since I’ve never read a horror book, I figured that I really don’t know what I’m missing. So this October, the month when everyone is reading scary books, I decided to challenge myself to read just one horror book.

So Slasher Girls and Monster Boys is basically a book of about 15 short stories by famous YA horror writers. They include people like Leigh Bardugo, Marie Lu and many other amazing writers.

I decided to go for this one instead of a full novel because firstly, everyone has raved about it and secondly, short stories mean that I can take a break whenever I want and I can even put it down completely if it gets too much without feeling horribly guilty.

I’m currently 16% in. I started last night and I’ve read the first two stories. They aren’t scary like horror movie scary. But they are absolutely chilling. I don’t know. I am enjoying it a lot. Especially the second story which was inspired by Alice In Wonderland. That one left me with goosebumps and I felt hollow.

Let’s see how it goes.

3) Heir Of Fire by Sarah J Maas


Oh god this book. I think I actually started this in August. It’s so boring! I mean a lot of people said that HOF was dry and draggy but this is really cutting it. If I didn’t love the first two books as much as I do, I would have certainly DNF-ed ages ago. But I’m holding out for Queen Of Shadows and I’m currently reading a few pages of HOF a day. I have to be strong and get through this hard part. No rainbows without a little rain and all that you know.

4) Next Stop: Nina Book by Robin Raven


This is a book that was given to me by Robin to read and review and I don’t actually know what it’s about but I started reading the first few chapters while waiting in line at school for my pasta. So far we’ve got a botched suicide attempt and an abusive father. So very lovely start. I don’t know what I’ve got myself into and I don’t really want to read it but I’m a book blogger and reviewing books is kinda what I do so.

So these are the books that I am currently reading. I hope you guys enjoyed that (no seriously I hope you did. I want to make this a weekly thing). Don’t forget to leave in the comments the books you are currently reading and let me know if you enjoyed hearing about what I’m reading.

I’ll see you guys soon. Hopefully I’ll be able to come up with proper ideas. All I know is that this semester is said to be the hardest semester of my 3 years in Mass Comm and so I know my blogging schedule is going to be a bit crazy for a while. By I will try. I will do my best and I will really try to keep blogging regularly.



3 thoughts on “What I’m Currently Reading

  1. melissaverasr says:

    As you know, I’m reading the 5th wave and I’m enjoying it very much!

    I’ll wait until you finish Slasher Girls to decide if I’ll read it or not.


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