Why I Love Being A Blogger


Hey guys,

So today I’ve got a somewhat different  kind of post for you.So last month I was approached by the Blog Friends Forever Tour which is being hosted by Fiction Fare and The Swoony Boys Podcast. The tour aims at bringing bloggers together and bringing attention to lesser known blogs. So for today, I was asked to talk about why I love being a blogger and I couldn’t be more excited because I feel like I have a lot to say about it.

I started this blog last year in June. I remember how nervous I was and how afraid I was that people would find it. Especially my school friends and of course my family. I wasn’t writing anything that was wrong. Just that it felt like it was too personal for anyone that knew me in real life to read. But I have grown up so much over the last year. I have become so much more confident in myself. I no longer fear people reading my blog or watching my videos. I mean sure I don’t particularly like knowing that there are people who can literally come up to my face and say, “Oh I saw your last post. It was good. I agree with this…” But I no longer feel like I’m in a cage about it. The fear of having people read my blog no longer paralyses me.

So I think that’s why I really love being a blogger. It makes you confident. It teaches you that it’s okay to want to say things. It helps you to get used to being a voice that people actually care about. It also makes you feel important. I know that most people might disagree. I mean I’m still a nobody. But having this platform to express my views makes me feel important to others. Like I matter.

This brings me to my second point. I love being a blogger because I now have a platform to work through my personal issues. I have a lot of things that I have bottled up inside me. I don’t always have someone to talk to when it comes to me. To my feelings. To my issues. So I use this blog to talk about what’s wrong and what’s right. Very few family members know that this blog exists so if I have something that I need to say about myself, I can do it safely. At least in my family, blogging about a problem is a lot safer then writing in a diary. I can tell faceless people what I am unhappy about and they understand. And through that understanding I form friendships that are actually deeper then the ones I have with my friends in real life.

And finally, I love being a blogger because of the freedom. The knowledge that I can wake up one morning, have an idea, write it down and publish it without having to think twice is so liberating. I come from a school system that was very constricting. Even when writing English essays, there was a structure that you had to follow and there were so many rules. I remember that I once wrote an essay about the year that I got depressed and lost my will to do anything. I likened depression to a monster and I remember that even though my mum cried when she read it, I still very nearly failed that piece. Why? Well because it didn’t follow the set rules. I hated it. Being a blogger, I don’t have to listen to anyone. I can do what I want. I can start a sentence with ‘and’. I have trouble with spelling till today but if I spelt anything wrong here, I wouldn’t have that mistake plastered on a screen for a class filled with my peers to laugh at me. It’s my world and I can make my own rules.

I hope you enjoyed reading that. The blog tour is doing a huge giveaway and I would love it if you participated.There will be 3 winners. They are giving away $75, $50, and $25 gift cards to the winner’s choice of book retailer. So do join in!

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See you guys soon!



8 thoughts on “Why I Love Being A Blogger

  1. jaime says:

    Thank you so much for taking part in the blog hop! We’re glad you could participate! It’s always so fun to see why people love about blogging and what they love about the community!



  2. Holly J says:

    Ah, I loved reading this post! So much about why you love blogging is why I love it too. The freedom, the space that’s all my own, the confidence it has given me in both writing and socializing with others, the safety net it’s given me to talk about stuff I don’t like talking about IRL. Blogging is just such an incredibly rewarding experience. 🙂

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