Response to Aria Asks: Why Do You Love Reading

Hi guys,

I’m still away on holiday in Bali but I thought I’d put up a short little blog post for you guys because I’m feeling rather sad right now and writing always helps. 

So yesterday, my dad left for Singapore because he has work. My mom, brother and I are staying on till Friday. So it was really sad. I cried a lot. There’s a whole story to why I’m so sad and I thought I wanted to go into it when I started this post but now I realise that I don’t. I want to stop whining and just enjoy my holiday. 

Okay enough about that. Now on to the topic at hand. So my friend Aria recently started this new series called ‘Aria Asks’ on her YouTube channel. Basically what this is is that Aria will propose a question every week and will answer it and then get people to answer it along with her in response videos or blog posts.

So this is her first week doing this and I partly want to support her and I partly also really love her question this week and I just want to answer it haha. So here goes.

Why Do You Love Reading And Why Is It Important To You?

There is so much I could say about this.

1) Reading lets me travel

This is a point that Aria actually mentioned in her video but it’s also something that I personally feel is a very important aspect. Reading lets me experience the world and different cultures and different places.

I’m currently still a student. I don’t have the money nor the time to go travelling all the time. And even when I can travel, it’s not really to exotic places. Reading however, lets me experience these places and takes me on an intimate tour of the culture, the people and the food.

For example, a few months ago, I read Aristotale and Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe. The book takes place in a very real town in Mexico. Incidentally, nearby to where my friend Tina lives. So after I read the book and Tina did too, she went around taking photos for us to see the places that were mentioned in the book because everything really existed.

2) Reading teaches me to be less ignorant 

This point is something that I feel is greatly under mentioned. Reading makes you less ignorant.

I read books from different perspectives and people all the time. I am constantly being put in the shoes of a boy who is discovering that he is homosexual, a girl stuck in a concentration camp as a war ravages around her, a kid who wants to kill himself, a young woman being forced into an arranged marriage. I am constantly getting to see the world from the point of view of different individuals with different backgrounds.

And yes, most of it is simply fiction. But a lot of it also isn’t. A lot of it has been heavily researched. Or even has been pulled from the author’s own experiences. These books help me to see the world better. Helps me to realise that everybody has their struggles and that I need to be more understanding.

For example, I’ve read so many books about LGBT over the years. However, as a Christian, I do not support homosexuals. But you also won’t find me writing a scathing post on them or going out on the streets to protest against them. Why? Because firstly, that’s not my job. My job on this planet is to love everyone regardless of their lifestyles, race or religion. And secondly, I know from reading that these people are still people. They are terrified and confused and they experience the kind of fear and rejection that I would never wish on anyone. So I don’t have to support their lifestyles. But I also will never make it harder for them or show them anything but love.

*Sidenote: Not all Christans hate homosexuals. We are also not ignorant and stupid. If you are allowed to have the opinion that you support homosexuality, I should be able to have my opinion without being called names.*

3) Reading saves me

I’ve talked about this in detail in previous posts but I was never popular in school. In fact I could count on half a hand how many true friends I still have. So generally I spent much of my time alone. I eat alone, I am alone in lecture halls, I walk alone to classes. I am almost always by myself. Reading however, is my friend. When I feel isolated or like everything is horrible, I whip out my kindle and start living someone else’s life and suddenly it’s not so bad anymore. Also I seem a lot more content with being alone if I have a book with me.

Overall reading is important to me because it’s just always been there. I tie experiences to books I read while experiencing something. I remember my childhood based on the books my dad read me. Reading is my life and it is as much to me as is dance to a dancer  or ice to a figure skater.

That’s all for today guys, see you when I get home on Friday. 



3 thoughts on “Response to Aria Asks: Why Do You Love Reading

  1. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    I relate to so many of these points! 😀 I love that reading lets me travel around and be less ignorant and just SEE the world, basically. I have exactly zlich wish to ever travel myself, but I love learning. I ADORE LEARNING. omg, I think that’s one of my biggest reasons for loving books: I learn so much stuff. I’m also just in love with the art of storytelling. People’s imaginations are awe-inspiring and I love that they can write them down and share their private worlds with us. 😀
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


    • camilliadass says:

      Exactly! Learning is the best part about reading! So glad that more people share that view haha. I feel like it’s not mentioned enough. I love reading your blog. It’s very funny. My Friend Erica from novel ink actually suggested your blog


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