Response to Aria Asks: Why Do You Love Reading

Hi guys,

I’m still away on holiday in Bali but I thought I’d put up a short little blog post for you guys because I’m feeling rather sad right now and writing always helps. 

So yesterday, my dad left for Singapore because he has work. My mom, brother and I are staying on till Friday. So it was really sad. I cried a lot. There’s a whole story to why I’m so sad and I thought I wanted to go into it when I started this post but now I realise that I don’t. I want to stop whining and just enjoy my holiday. 

Okay enough about that. Now on to the topic at hand. So my friend Aria recently started this new series called ‘Aria Asks’ on her YouTube channel. Basically what this is is that Aria will propose a question every week and will answer it and then get people to answer it along with her in response videos or blog posts.

So this is her first week doing this and I partly want to support her and I partly also really love her question this week and I just want to answer it haha. So here goes.

Why Do You Love Reading And Why Is It Important To You?

There is so much I could say about this.

1) Reading lets me travel

This is a point that Aria actually mentioned in her video but it’s also something that I personally feel is a very important aspect. Reading lets me experience the world and different cultures and different places.

I’m currently still a student. I don’t have the money nor the time to go travelling all the time. And even when I can travel, it’s not really to exotic places. Reading however, lets me experience these places and takes me on an intimate tour of the culture, the people and the food.

For example, a few months ago, I read Aristotale and Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe. The book takes place in a very real town in Mexico. Incidentally, nearby to where my friend Tina lives. So after I read the book and Tina did too, she went around taking photos for us to see the places that were mentioned in the book because everything really existed.

2) Reading teaches me to be less ignorant 

This point is something that I feel is greatly under mentioned. Reading makes you less ignorant.

I read books from different perspectives and people all the time. I am constantly being put in the shoes of a boy who is discovering that he is homosexual, a girl stuck in a concentration camp as a war ravages around her, a kid who wants to kill himself, a young woman being forced into an arranged marriage. I am constantly getting to see the world from the point of view of different individuals with different backgrounds.

And yes, most of it is simply fiction. But a lot of it also isn’t. A lot of it has been heavily researched. Or even has been pulled from the author’s own experiences. These books help me to see the world better. Helps me to realise that everybody has their struggles and that I need to be more understanding.

For example, I’ve read so many books about LGBT over the years. However, as a Christian, I do not support homosexuals. But you also won’t find me writing a scathing post on them or going out on the streets to protest against them. Why? Because firstly, that’s not my job. My job on this planet is to love everyone regardless of their lifestyles, race or religion. And secondly, I know from reading that these people are still people. They are terrified and confused and they experience the kind of fear and rejection that I would never wish on anyone. So I don’t have to support their lifestyles. But I also will never make it harder for them or show them anything but love.

*Sidenote: Not all Christans hate homosexuals. We are also not ignorant and stupid. If you are allowed to have the opinion that you support homosexuality, I should be able to have my opinion without being called names.*

3) Reading saves me

I’ve talked about this in detail in previous posts but I was never popular in school. In fact I could count on half a hand how many true friends I still have. So generally I spent much of my time alone. I eat alone, I am alone in lecture halls, I walk alone to classes. I am almost always by myself. Reading however, is my friend. When I feel isolated or like everything is horrible, I whip out my kindle and start living someone else’s life and suddenly it’s not so bad anymore. Also I seem a lot more content with being alone if I have a book with me.

Overall reading is important to me because it’s just always been there. I tie experiences to books I read while experiencing something. I remember my childhood based on the books my dad read me. Reading is my life and it is as much to me as is dance to a dancer  or ice to a figure skater.

That’s all for today guys, see you when I get home on Friday. 


Holiday Reading Tips


Hello there my chocolate cupcakes with extra sprinkles and icing (I think that’s the longest one yet guys!)

So just two days ago, I was told that we would be going to Bali for the coming week. Now I considered bringing my laptop because I couldn’t bear the thought of not being able to write and post for so long. But I decided that since I would already be vlogging and taking photos, I would give myself a week off and come back with loads of awesome footage and photos of the place. So I thought I would do one more post just before we leave and what better topic to do then the topic of holiday reading?

So I decided that today, literally 2 hours before we leave for the airport, I would give you some tips to maximise your holiday reading time as well as some holiday book suggestions.

1) Travel Time

I consider travel time to be the best time to read. Especially when I’m on a plane. So to start off, you need to plan your reading around the mode of transport you will be taking and your personal ability to read on different modes of transport. For example, I can’t read in a moving car (but I can usually read on a bus which is weird). But I can read on a plane. So you should be able to tell just how much you think you can read depending on how you are getting to a destination.


The next thing you should do is plan to read a book that you can finish during your travel time. For example, if you’ve got a 2 hour flight to Bali, you might choose to read a book that would take you about 2 hours to finish. Or, if you are on an 18 hour flight to Seattle, you might decide to get a longer book or even two books if you’re feeling adventurous.

The key is not to overestimate yourself. Don’t push yourself. Remember that especially with long haul flights, your body clock will likely be very screwed up. I remember that when I was flying back to Singapore from Seattle, I crossed time zones and even completely lost the 2nd of April. I was also trying to finish ‘My Heart And Other Black Holes’ in the flight. I finished it. But I also barely remember anything because I was falling in and out of sleep and I was very disorientated. I pushed myself to read too much on that flight and ended up not even being able to remember the book. So pace yourself and take it slow. If you feel sleep coming on, let it happen. If you are itching to watch a movie (though let’s face it, airplane audio and video quality sucks anyway so why even bother) then go ahead. Don’t feel pressured to read. Go with the flow.

Books For Travelling:

  • To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han (Highly Recommend)
  • Attachments by Rainbow Rowell
  • Me, Earl and The Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews
  • Paper Towns by John Green

Basically any light contemporary will do for a trip. You mostly want to avoid high fantasy books or books that would require you to be 100% focused because you will be distracted and you don’t want to put yourself off the book without giving it a proper chance.

2) The Destination 


Finally! You’ve arrived at your luxurious hotel or your gorgeous beach villa. You are now ready to start reading properly.

So the first thing of course is to plan your reading based on what kind of holiday it is and basically what you plan to do during your time away. Obviously someone going sightseeing everyday is going to read a lot less then someone going away to simply chill out on a beach. So plan according to that.

Once you’ve established how much reading you can get done, it’s time to pick the books that you will read there. I strongly suggest tackling some of the larger books in your collection while you are away. While it is harder to bring around luggage-wise, you have to remember that you will have more time then you usually would to read. So books that might seem quite daunting because you have work and school could actually become a real breeze because you are so much more free. Also feel free to go with books that might be heavier content-wise. You have the space and the state of mind to tackle these if it suits your fancy.


Another tip I would like to slip in here is to bring an e-reader if possible. It’s so much easier and you can get in 50 books if it so pleases you. That means that if a book just isn’t working for you, you can easily switch over. Also it’s a lot more weight and space friendly.

If you are bringing physical books though, remember to bring at least one more book then you think you will need just in case. You don’t want to be stuck somewhere without a book. Of course you could always buy a book there but you’re overseas and you might not be too familiar with your area so it might be harder then you think to find a bookstore that has the kind of books that you are looking for as well as the book in a language you understand.

There are always pros and cons to bringing either an e-reader or a physical book. Go with what you are comfortable with because you don’t want to be struggling with a format that you are uncomfortable with when you don’t have the option to switch.

Holiday Book Recommendations:

  • An Ember In The Ashes by Sabaa Tahir
  • The Throne Of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas
  • Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult
  • The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah


Of course what you read and how much you read is entirely up to you. It’s your holiday so don’t feel pressured to read a certain number of books or a certain genre. These are just my suggestions based on my personal experiences. Everybody is different so take these tips but tweak them to fit YOU.

I hope you enjoyed my tips and that they helped you to pack your reading materials. I will see you guys when I get home next Friday. Follow me on my social media if you want to follow me on my trip in Bali. I will be updating them  constantly.

If you are going away on holiday, let me know what you favourite vacation book is in the comments.

Bye guys! xoxo

My Extraordinarily Exhausting Week

Hello my strawberries,

As I’m writing this, I am falling asleep over my keyboard. In fact, I probably won’t make it very far before I crash. I just really wanted to get some points down and that somehow to turned into an introduction.

– I fell asleep for 5 hours and only felt ready to continue this 2 days later –

Okay wow. I’m still so tired but definitely much better then the weekend. Okay. So last week was so exhausting and action packed. I haven’t had as much time to sit and breathe and that made me feel very uneasy and anxious. Honestly this whole week I’ve felt out of balance. I think it’s mainly because I’m the kind of person that recharges on alone time. I need my time to plug in my ear pieces, turn up the music and just be. If I don’t get enough of that, I run down very fast and my body and mind start rebelling.

So because of this crazy week, I haven’t had much time to blog, edit any videos or even read much. I know. I feel like crap about myself too. It’s been 5 days since I finished The Weight Of Feathers and I’ve barely made any progress on Heir Of Fire or The Knife Of Letting Go. I’m planning to resume my usual schedule this week though so hopefully everything aligns itself properly. Anyway, I didn’t want to leave you guys without a post from me so I thought I would actually give you a run down of my week because even though it was busy, it was the exciting kind of busy and it did include Pharrell Williams.

Monday 14.9.15


Monday morning started at 6am for me. I woke up early to go for my driving e-trial for my Final Theory Test. What this is is basically a mock test of sorts for my final theory test. So I went there and studied till 8.15am which was when my e-trial started. It ended at 9.05am and my mom picked me up.  We then went to IKEA where we had breakfast and then shopped around for a bit. I found an awesome looking book case for $25 and we picked it up without even knowing where it would go in the house. All I knew was that I wanted a bookcase. Anyway, we brought it home and my brother and I spent the whole day fixing it up. We actually filmed the whole thing and that video will be up really soon on my Youtube channel so stay tuned.

Tuesday 15.9.15


Tuesday started out later then usual. I went for my e-trial at 10.15am and finished it at around 11.05am. I went home and we started clearing out our old bookcase and showcase to make room for my new bookcase. It was tiring work especially because we had to carry the bookcase up the stairs. I kid you not friends. UP. THE. STAIRS. A bookcase. Anyway, that took all day and I was exhausted by the end of it.

Wednesday 16.9.15IMG_6259

Wednesday was the big day! It was the day of my official final theory test. So I woke up at 6am. Studied and then went in for mock test session at 8.15am. I left that session a little early so that I could get to the test classroom a little early. My test started at 9.15am and it was so nerve wrecking. I was so anxious and everything in me was going crazy. So basically to pass, you need to get 45 out of the 50 questions correct. And what happens is that it’s a computer test so you just click end test and immediately a giant ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ will appear. I HATE these kinds of tests. They are so much more stressful. Anyway, during the test, I had about 4 questions that I was not too sure about. I was certain that I got at least 4 questions wrong. So I really expected to fail. But thank god I clicked end test and got a giant ‘Pass’. I even scored a 49/50 which was so amazing. Honestly I would have started crying with joy if the invigilator hadn’t come up behind me, seen my screen and shooed me out of the room to go print out my results slip. Anyway now I have 8 more lessons then I can book for my practical test. When I pass that, I will officially be a licensed driver! Like I can drive on a road. Legally. Without an instructor. How did that happen??

Anyway, after that, my mom picked me up and we went to get our eyebrows done. I know. Finally. My eyebrows were a mess. After that, we went to IKEA to get my brother a bookcase too because he really liked mine. I spent the time mostly at the cafeteria reading though because I was just there two days ago. We got home and Nat spent the rest of the day building his bookshelf and we had to carry it up the stairs.

Thursday 17.9.15


Thursday started early with a hair appointment with my mom. We had lunch out and did some shopping mainly for stuff for my bookshelf. We got home later in the afternoon and my brother and I spent the rest of the day filling our new bookshelves. I actually filmed it all so it took twice as long haha. But I’m pretty happy with it and again, that video will be up on my Youtube channel soon.

Friday 18.9.15


Friday was one of the absolute most exhausting days of my entire life. It started out with me following my mom to the national stadium to collect her STRun pack (which she is participating in). It was quite a bit of walking because the place is huge. And that wouldn’t have been a problem at all if we were not going for Formula 1 in a few hours. So we got home and had about 2 hours to have lunch and get ready. Then my brother and I left for the Padang.


So basically Formula 1 was in our country this weekend and we got tickets. This was our first year going and we were really going for the concerts. We both have no interest in the cars really except for the photography. So we left the house at 2pm and we got there at about 3pm. We then found a place in front of the Esplanade to watch the practice rounds. We ended up camping there in the sun for about 2 hours to reserve our amazing spot.

We left the first practice session halfway and went over to the Padang lawn. Over there we camped out in front of the Jimmy Cliff concert and managed to get front row for it. It was so lovely. I’ve never been to an oldies concert before and it was just so chill and nice.

We left Jimmy Cliff’s concert halfway and ran across the huge lawn to camp out in front of the Pharrell Williams stage. He was the headline event of the evening and we needed to secure a good spot because his concert started immediately after the last practice session of the night so that meant that every single person would be there. We camped out on the grass for about 2 hours and then at about 10.30pm, everyone started standing. We were in the second row which was amazing considering that the total number of people ended up being 50,000. We had to stand for a good 45 minutes. It was so incredibly hot, everyone was pressed so close together and it was simply awful. Pharrell took to the stage 7 minutes  late which was excruciating when you consider the circumstances (we were also dehydrated and starving because once we secured our places, you absolutely could not move anywhere). Once he started though, all the discomfort fell away and it became all about the music. I don’t know too much about Pharrell besides the ‘Happy’ song but each song was performed so well and the dancers were astounding. Every bit of it was amazing.

When it ended, 50,000 people started leaving the lawn at the same time. As you can imagine, it meant that we were walking along at literally a snail’s pace and it took us forever to get to the train. Again, super horrible and my claustrophobia was acting up especially since majority of the people around us in particular were Caucasian men which meant that they towered a good 2 heads above me. But we got home at 2am and I went to bed at 3am only to have to wake up in 5 hours for a meeting. But oh well. Nathaniel and I also vlogged throughout the day and that video will be up on my channel soon hopefully.

So that was my exhausting week. I was pretty much dead to the world all weekend. I’m such an old lady haha. Let me know what the most exciting part of your week was in the comments. See you guys soon!

5 Books That I Have DNF-ed 

Hello there my cupcakes!

I’ve been having a bit of writers block lately. I haven’t really known what to write or even film about and even my reading pace has slowed down. And I figured that may be largely due to the fact that I have been reading some pretty crappy books lately and basically making my life hard by refusing to DNF (did not finish).

If you know me, you would know that I hate DNF-ing a book. I like to give books a chance and I hate knowing that I invested time, no matter how much or how little, in a book only for it to not be included in my reading challenge count. I mean I read a minimum of two books a week. Combined with blogging and making and editing videos, I am busy. I don’t have the time to be DNF-ing.

But I think as I read more and become more critical of what I read, I have also become less tolerant of books that are absolutely crap. I mean there are billions of amazing books out there and my TBR list is miles long. I don’t want to waste time with a book that quite frankly sucks. So today I thought I would share with you the five most notable books that I have DNF-ed over the last two years.

1) The Book Thief by Markus Zusak 


This may come as quite a surprise to most people because The Book Thief is loved by many and you guys know that I love historical fiction and books that make me cry. So this book really should have been one of my favourites. But I just couldn’t get into it. I first picked it up a few years ago. I put it down after a few chapters. This year, I tried again and found myself putting it down again. So I don’t really know what is going on with me and this book and I but obviously something just isn’t clicking.

2) Zodiac by Romina Russell 


I posted a mini rant on this damn book just yesterday when I finally gave in and DNF-ed it. So Zodiac was my bookclub’s book of the month for September and I started it on the first day of September if I’m not wrong. But I just was so bored and annoyed at the entire story. So I put it down and next thing you know, I’ve read 5 books and this one is still sitting in my ‘Currently Reading’ shelf. And I just dreaded having to go back to it. Honestly this book was one of the most irritating, infuriating and downright stupid books I’ve ever read. The main character was shallow and selfish. She basically got everything she could ever want handed to her on a plate and immediately forgets her humble beginning. There was so much insta-love I nearly died. Everything was unbelievable to the max. And overall it was just a sucky book that I took way too long to DNF.

3) Red Rising by Pierce Brown


Alrighty. Another rant is coming. Okay so this was my bookclub’s book of the month for August (yeah we haven’t had very good months lately). And most of us started it at around the same time so we were discussing it constantly and I only DNF-ed when everyone else did. Anyway, this book is firstly gross. The narrator is very crude and disgusting. He uses words that make me uncomfortable. I’m not the most sensitive reader but I have problems when a narrator goes into so much detail about his bodily functions. In fact, I’ve DNF-ed more then one book due to over emphasis on bodily functions. I just think it’s unnecessary and gross. I’m human. I know what we have to do. I don’t need you to remind me in explicit detail thank you very much.

Secondly, I found the whole concept of the story to be hard to follow and quite boring. Like I felt like it was an age-old story but just told badly.

I can’t really tell you much else because I DNF-ed at 35% but I was just not enjoying the story and I felt like it was such a chore to read it.

4) Everything Is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer


I started reading this while on holiday in Bali two years ago and I remember that I thought it was decent but I just didn’t like it. It didn’t interest me. In fact it was just really boring. I was quite disappointed because the cover is gorgeous and the blurb is interesting but I just didn’t like it.

5) The Shadow Of The Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón


I started this book last month mainly because my brother wanted me to read it. It’s his favourite book and he has been pestering me to read it for the longest time. So I finally picked it up and I found it to be really boring. It lacked that defining factor that made it special in my opinion. I might try to pick this book up again soon but for now, it’s a DNF on account of it being damn boring.

Well that’s it. I have a lot more DNF-ed books in my shelf and if you want me to share more, let me know. For now though, let me know in the comments what book you’ve DNF-ed recently or your favourite DNF. Because let’s face it. Finally DNF-ing a horrid book is one of the best feelings.

Also don’t forget to check out my two latest Youtube videos. I have a review of The Martian up as well as a video on how to manage reading with school. I’m quite pleased with them so go have a look and subscribe or leave a comment or anything if you like it.

See you guys soon!

September TBR

Hello my apple pies,

I don’t know when I started calling you guys different versions of desserts but it happened and I like it so deal with it.

Okay so I know this is going up quite late but that’s because I originally planned my September TBR to be a video. I filmed it and everything but when I tried to take the videos out of my sim card, I realised that the first half of the video didn’t save. So I only had the last 11 minutes of footage. I also have yet to be able to find the privacy to film (I’m new. I can’t film with people around okay). So I’m sorry about that. I will try my hardest to find time and space to film soon. But for now, here’s my September TBR.

Now this month, I set a challenge for myself. I wanted to read 12 books but the main thing I want to do is to not get any new books this month. If you know me, I am constantly getting new books and my TBR just continues to stretch for miles and miles. So I want to make September the month of finishing up books that have been on my TBR for a long time as well as to finish up all the series books that I have put down over this year. I kinda broke this promise to myself by getting 3 new books over the last 6 days but that is it. I’m not going to get anymore. It’s a promise. Okay now that we have that out of the way, let me tell you what books I’m planning to read this month.

1) The Martian by Andy Weir

18007564 I finished this book a couple of days ago and I would consider it to be one of my new favourites. It’s basically a book about the crew of a Mars mission. They land on Mars and find themselves right in the middle of a storm. In the chaos, Mark Watney gets lost. According to his cremates who have information on his health status, he is is showing up as dead and they can’t find him. At the same time, the storm is tipping their space ship. So if they don’t leave immediately, they could risk being left on Mars with a busted space ship and no way to communicate with Earth. So they leave. But the thing is, Mark isn’t dead. And when he wakes up all alone on a barren planet with no way to tell anyone that he is alive, he does the thing everyone least expects. He tries to survive. I will leave the proper review for my wrap up but for now, I will say that it is amazing and you should probably be one of the cool people that reads the book before watching the movie when it comes out next month

2) The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey


3) Percy Jackson and The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan


Ah. The last book in the Percy Jackson series. I’m determined to get to this one because I absolutely can’t wait to find out how the story ends. I loved the last 4 books and I think this last one is going to be the best one yet.

4) Heir Of Fire by Sarah J. Maas


I seriously can’t wait to get to this one. I read the second book a few months ago and I just haven’t had the time to pick it back up. I’m determined to finally read it.

5) Queen Of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas


Um…Does this even need an explanation?

6) Written in the Stars by Aisha Saeed


This is a book about arranged marriages and I just thought it would be interesting. Also I know Zoe Sugg owns this book and has possibly read it already.

7) Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma


This book is really about incest which is weird because I would never have picked this book up for myself. It’s just that a lot of my bookish friends have raved about this book and apparently it really makes you cry so I need to read this one. I mean I love a good cry. Also it’s not really racy like Flowers In The Attic so hopefully I’ll like it.

8) The Queen Of The Tearling by Erika Johansen


Literally I know nothing about this book except that it’s been raved about on Goodreads and Booktube so I need to get on this band wagon.

9) The Girl With All The Gifts by M.R. Carey


Another one that I know next to nothing about but it’s been raved about so I want to read it.

10) Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs


I know I’m super late to this party but I’m determined to still attend even if it means I’m the awkward late one that skirts around the edges of the crowd. Okay wow. What was that metaphor. I’m just gonna read it okay.

11) The Sacred Lies Of Minnow Bly by Stephanie Oakes


All I know is that this book is about cults and that its good. Apparently there’s a girl who grows up in a cult and she gets her hands cut off. I want to learn about the world I live in. I know cults exist even though they aren’t something that is talked about much and I want to know. I just want to know. It doesn’t make me less of a Christian to know about things that happen in this world.

12) Illuminae by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff


I know nothing about this expect that it’s pretty and all the advanced reviews have been spectacular. So I’m going in.

12 books! That’s it! That is my September reading plan. I hope you enjoyed that. Let me know in the comments what you are most excited to read this month and I’ll see you guys really soon. If you haven’t seen my August Wrap Up video, you can click here to see it. Love you all!

August Wrap Up + Joining Youtube

Hello my little chocolate chip cookies!

I did something very big the morning and it was very very scary but I did it and I’m so proud of myself.

So for the longest time, I have been wanting to put up a video on Youtube. In fact it’s been something that I’ve thought about for months now but I’ve just been too scared. I’ve been afraid that my friends in school might find it and that they might laugh and that was pretty much the one thing that stopped me.

However over the last few months, this urge to just make a damn video became much stronger. In fact, every blog post I put up became something that I would much rather film. I planned my blog posts in video form first before I wrote it. And it got to the point where I started to dread blogging because it meant that I was still too scared to film anything.

Two days ago, I planned to write my August wrap up like I would usually do. However this time was different. I just didn’t want to write it. I wanted to film it so badly. And so I told my brother this and he immediately started getting the tripod and camera and was like, “Okay well I’ll set this up. You get ready.” I was really surprised of course because I wasn’t planning to film and it was just so out of the blue. But I went with it and I enjoyed filming the first one so much that I ran upstairs, threw on a different top and filmed a whole other video. So I filmed two videos yesterday and I spent the whole day editing it and getting it ready. I finally uploaded it this morning and since then, I have just felt like I was flying. I am so happy and I still can’t believe that I really did it. I really finally did it!

So it is my absolute pleasure to bring you guys my August wrap up in video form. You can check it out here and you can like, comment, subscribe and do all those things that would literally make my life.

I was so nervous filming it and I think you can tell if you look closely especially at the beginning and end but I did it and I’m really proud of myself. I hope that me doing this will also inspire some of you to do things that you have been afraid of doing. No matter if that’s filming a video, starting a blog or doing anything really. I finally realised that it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks as long as you’re having fun. Also, what’s the worst they could do? Have a chuckle on your behalf? Well that’s part of life. At least you are out there doing something you love. Ignore them. It’s okay. And it’s not like you have to tell anyone what you did. Like I’m not promoting my video on all my social media platforms. I’m not tweeting it out or putting it on Facebook because I’m not ready for people I know to see it even though I know it will help my views. In fact, I’m not even going to tweet this post out I think haha.  Likewise, you can choose who you allow to see what you put up. So don’t worry.

I also want to thank you guys. I feel like this blog has allowed me to become more confident and has given me a voice. If it were not for you lovelies reading and commenting and liking my posts, I honestly would not have felt that I could put up a video. So thank you for giving me a voice.

Also, as a side note, I recently convinced my brother to start a photography blog and he just started one today so you can go check out The Dusty Block for some cool photos and you can show him some love.

Other then that, that is all I have for today. I’m sorry it was a bit short but I put in most of my effort into that Youtube video. I’m not going to stop blogging. But I do hope to make more videos soon. Let’s see what happens. Let me know what you think and prefer. See you guys soon and thank you for all the love you shower upon me everyday.