The Disney Book Tag

Hey guys! So I haven’t blogged in quite a while and I feel like I’ve lost a limb. Somehow blogging has managed to become a very important part of my life in these last 11 months (my blog will be a year old next month!!). Unfortunately school has gotten very crazy and the stress is building. Between my numerous assignments and driving lessons, I’ve just not have much spare time. Well okay I do have spare time but in my spare time I try to do something other then writing (which guess what, I’m actually doing so much more of this year). So I’ve been reading and of course, watching way too much Youtube.

Since I’ve been on Goodreads and Youtube so much, I’ve discovered the Booktube community. And the Disney Book tag challenge has been going around on there a lot. So I decided to give it a go because it actually looks really interesting.

1. The Little Mermaid – A character who is out of their element, a “fish out of water”

I would say ‘We Were Liars’ by E.Lockhart. I know I never really talked much about this book after I read it because it’s honestly better to not know anything before you go into it. But Candence was a complete ‘fish out of water’. She was constantly being treated with kid gloves and always being fussed over and she constantly felt like the odd one out among the Liars. 

2. Cinderella – A character who goes through a major transformation

The Tail Of Emily Windsnap by Liz Kessler. This was one of my favourite books from my childhood. Basically this girl Emily learns that the reason her mother never let her in the water was that her father was a merman and so she is half mermaid and she sprouts a tail when she gets in the water. It was a whole series that consisted of a few books and it was so magical and wonderful. All the feels remembering that one. 

3. Snow White – A book with an eclectic cast of characters

All I can think of is The Mortal Instruments series. I think Jace, Clary, Simon, Isabelle, Alec and Magnus made such an awesome kickass team.

4. Sleeping Beauty – A book that put you to sleep

Well this is a difficult question because I usually read myself to sleep and I’ll wake up with my Kindle under me or something. The thing is, I plan to read myself to sleep. So it’s not like the book is boring or anything. But I guess in terms of books that were dry enough to make me need to reread paragraphs over and over, I would pick Wanted by Amanda Lance. That book was annoying and a horrific train wreck.

5. The Lion King – A character who had something traumatic happen to them in childhood

The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah. This is my absolute favourite book in the whole wide entire universe. So there are 2 kids in the book and the most horrible and traumatic thing to happen to them is that their fathers have to leave to fight in the army and I don’t want to spoil it but the Nazi’s invaded and I’m sure you can imagine how horrible a childhood they had after that.

6. Beauty and the Beast – A beast of a book (a big book) that you were intimidated by, but found the story to be beautiful

This is going to be weird because this book was technically a DNF. Okay so the book is 11.22.63 by Stephen King. I read it when I was in Secondary school and I actually loved the book. Except that with my exams and stuff I didn’t have time to finish reading it and I had it for weeks under my desk and I had renewed it about 4 or 5 times at the library so I finally decided to let it go. I hope to one day pick it back up and continue it though because it was really good.

7. Aladdin – A character who gets their wish granted, for better or worse

My Heart And Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga. Spoiler Alert: Aysel got her wish because Roman didn’t die. So obviously it’s for the better.

8. Mulan – A character who pretends to be someone or something they are not

 Mara Dyer from the Mara Dyer Trilogy. For the first book in the trilogy especially, she was constantly denying that she had any powers or that anything was wrong with her. 

9. Toy Story – A book with characters you wish would come to life

This is not even a question oh my gosh. I have honestly never heard of any reader who does not want the characters of their books to come to life. But if I had to pick just one, I would pick Park from Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. You guys know that it is one of my top books ever and i just think that Park makes an excellent boyfriend. He’s such a gentleman and he respects that Eleanor is scared. He protects her, loves her despite her flaws and he is just always there for her. I mean how could you ask for any more? 

10. Disney Descendants – Your favorite villain or morally ambiguous character

Cal from Red Queen by Victoria Avyard. I mean lets face it. A tag like this just wouldn’t be complete without Red Queen yes? Yes. So I really think Cal was super morally ambiguous. He started out as the good guy, then the sort of bad guy then the reluctant good guy and just….ahh swoon worthy!!!

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